Formation of the Civil Courts in Damascus

A Conciliation Courts:  Consist of 11 Chambers.

B Court of First Instance:  Consist of 17 Chambers.

C Shariite Courts (Islamic Courts): Consist of 7 Chambers.

D Appeal Courts: Consist of 11 Chambers.

E Civil Execution 


Formation of the Penal Courts in Damascus

A- Judges Of Investigation: Consist of nine General Investigation Judges, and two for

                                                         Economical Crimes.

B - Court of Referees: consist of two Judges  

C - Conciliation Courts:  Consist of 7 General Chambers and two chambers for Juvenile 

                                                 and four for Traffic Offence  .


D Court of First Instance: Consist of 13 general Chambers.

                                                        and four customs chambers.

E - Misdemeanors court of Appeal:  Consist of three Chambers.

F - Criminal Court: Consist of two general Chambers and two Courts for the Economical Security

                                       crimes. And two courts for Juvenal Crimes.